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About Us

About Us


How many times have you been faced with the decision whether to take your guidebook up a multi-pitch route, take a photo with your phone, make photocopies, or even tear out the applicable page? But often the approach, descent and route information are on different pages. Many climbers say to me that my guidebooks are great for training, as they are so thick and heavy and they need to carry them up to the crags.

As a guidebook writer I always say, buy two books – one for your bookshelf and the other you can rip the pages out of and take up the route with you. That would be great for me as everyone would then buy two copies. But unfortunately my philosophy hasn’t caught on and we are still faced with this quandary.

With all this in mind I decided to make individual topos for some of the classic routes around the Western Cape, so climbers out there can get all the info they need on a specific route at the touch of a button. No need for the whole guidebook at the crag anymore!

This was how Blueline topos was born and we endeavor to bring you the best possible topos with consistent and accurate information. We are continuously trying to improve and update our topos, so please let us know what you think of our topos or can give us any tips to improve them and/or if you feel there is a route out there that needs a topo. Click here to go to our forum and add your comments there.

We hope that our Blueline topos make it easier for you to plan and get onto some of those great classic routes. Have fun, enjoy and be safe.