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Bluelinetopos Home sampleBlueline topos are a range of detailed and accurate topo drawings, photos and route information of some of the classic trad routes in the Western Cape. They are designed so that you can get all the beta, descriptions and other useful and essential info for the routes you want to climb at the press of a button.

We are developing new route topos on an on going basis, ultimately to bring you the best routes out there so you can go out and enjoy them with all the information you need in your pocket.

What makes our topos so great

  • Full colour and ultra light
  • Detailed and accurate topo
  • Photo of route
  • All the information you will need for the approach, the climb, and the descent.
  • A6 size for ease of use
  • Handy cord for attaching to harness (hard copies only)
  • Available online, or as laminated hard copies in the store.